Boarhammer SH2 Jäger

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"Boarhammer SH2 Jäger"

The Boarhammer SH2 Jäger

The SH2 Jäger has used the finest loden as the loop upper material. The skeleton forms an enormously tear-resistant polyamide blend which guarantees a secure hold and enormous tensile load. Loden is probably the most traditional material in German hunting history and thus the name of the new Boarhammer was born. The SH2 Jäger combines the traditional elements of hunting with the most modern production methods and the further development of shooting and hunting technology of our time. The SH2 Jäger looks great with wood-traded rifles and shotguns. All hunters who want to bring an inconspicuous but extremely high quality product of German craftsmanship to their rifles use this sow hammer.

Application example of the hunt for a prayer

Mountain hunting is a physically demanding way of hunting. Not only the thinner air at higher altitudes, but also the stalking to the right buck place the highest demands on the hunter. The shot at mountain game usually takes place at significantly greater distances than in the native German areas. Accordingly, shooting distances often have to be covered that exceed the 250 meter mark. Regardless of the magnification of the target optics, it is not possible to shoot safely without a fixed shooting target. Also the quick addressing of the right goat or the identification of larger populations, as well as the scouting of suitable game paths are among the challenges that the mountain hunter faces. If you do not have a suitable stalking glass with a high zoom factor, the ibex can quickly go through the rags. Here too, the Boarhammer has proven to be extremely useful. Any rifle that has a rifle scope suitable for mountain hunting can be used to clear the terrain much more quietly using the Boarhammer. The Boarhammer helps stabilize the rifle, especially at longer distances. The picture shakes much less and the game can be addressed better and faster. This characteristic of the sow hammer also helps when stalking the roebuck. The horns can be viewed much more calmly. This makes it easier to determine age estimates or trophy sizes.

The differences at a glance: SH1 vs. SH2

  • Loop material made of "non-elastic" neoprene or high-quality loden
  • absolutely tear-resistant Kodura and polypropylene form the skeleton of the SH2
  • We are 100% Made in Germany


Advantages of the Boarhammer:

  • up to 200% more stroke pressure
  • improved leadership
  • significantly faster repeating process
  • Reduced firing of the weapon when firing the shot
  • more control
  • increased security
  • faster firing without loss of target point, especially when shooting a shotgun
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Customer evaluation for "Boarhammer SH2 Jäger"
15 Apr 2019

Geiles Teil

Super in allen jagdlichen Situationen ????

2 Apr 2019


Sehr gut

2 Apr 2019

Absolut top

Am Anfang eher skeptisch aber im Nachhinein mehr als zufrieden. Freue mich auf die Pirsch. Meine Büchse liegt deutlich ruhiger in der Schulter und ich brauche mein Pirschstock nicht mehr mitschleppen. Lieferung kam schnell und die Verarbeitung ist top. Vielen Dank und weiter so

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